The TV-Silencer automatically mutes the sound from your TV (or stereo) and pauses the DVD when the telephone rings, enabling you to clearly hear the phone ring.
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Home Theater
Relax, You will not miss
that important call!
home theater
"I now enjoy the sound from my home theater with peace of mind knowing that I won't miss a call from my kids!"
- Daniel Austin, TX
Loved Ones
Stop worrying,
They now will
Hear the phone!
loved one
"Thank you, It's never been easier to reach my father."
-Lois Simsbury, CT
Home Office
No need to hunt
For your remote!
home office
"Works awesome with my stereo!"
-Steve NY, NY
Busy Moms
Because life is loud!
busy mom
"With three kids, the TV-Silencer is a much needed helping hand!"
-Allison Charleston, SC
Hotels / Resorts / Nursing homes / etc.
203-798-9771 x109 for information
Mutes volume when phone is picked up
Restores volume when phone is hung up
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