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Automatically mutes the sound


  1. Program the TV-Silencer:
    1. Plug in the battery using adapter provided
    2. Press the mute button one time on the TV or stereo remote.
      The red LED flashes and the unit is programmed.
    3. Repeat if needed for second remote.
  2. Plug the telephone cord and the new cord into either port on the splitter.
  3. Plug the splitter into the closest phone jack.
  4. Mount the TV-Silencer with direct line of sight to the TV or stereo with two-sided tape, then connect the TV-Silencer to the splitter.

TV-Silencer controls 1 or 2 devices.
Complete with everything needed for installation:
• TV-Silencer • Splitter • Double-sided tape
• 25 ft. Telephone Cord (any length will work)
• 9 volt Battery and Adapter(for programming only

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