Installation Instructions

The TV-Silencer works by learning your TV's “mute” command when you program it and then replaying it each time the telephone rings .

Installation Instructions

    The box contains everything needed for installation:
  • TV-Silencer
  • Splitter
  • Double-sided tape
  • 25 ft. telephone cord (Longer and shorter cords are available at hardware and office supply stores.)
  • 9 volt battery and adapter (for programming only)


    Before you begin installation:
  • Review the illustrations in the instructions noting the locations of the red LED, the round hole and the IR Transmitters on both the TV-Silencer and your remote(s).
  • Be sure that your remote and TV are working properly by using your remote to mute and un-mute your TV.
  • Locate the telephone jack nearest to your TV.

STEP 1: Setting up the TV-Silencer for programming (illustrations 1 and 2)

  • The TV-Silencer can control 1 or 2 devices.
  • Select and turn on the devices you want to control with their respective remotes.
  • Plug the 9 volt battery into the adapter, plug the adapter into the TV-Silencer until it clicks into place. The red LED will light up and stay on until you program it. If it does not light up try a new battery.
  • Keep the battery plugged in until the end of Step 3.

STEP 2: Programming the TV-Silencer (illustration 2)

  • Place your remote on a flat surface, one inch from the TV-Silencer (as shown in illustration 2).
  • Press the mute button one time on the remote.
  • The red LED flashes 5 times; the TV-Silencer is programmed.
  • If the LED does not flash, check that the IR Transmitter at the end of your remote is lined up with the round hole on the side of the TV-Silencer. Some remotes have a darkened plastic window on the end. In this case, move your remote left or right, pausing to press the mute button one time after each move until the red LED flashes 5 times, indicating that the TV-Silencer is programmed.
  • The red LED will now continue to flash every few seconds, sending out your programmed command until the battery is removed.
  • When pointing the IR Transmitter of the TV-Silencer at your TV, the TV should mute and un-mute continuously. If it does not, unplug the battery adapter for 30 seconds and start again from the beginning to reprogram the TV-Silencer. The battery must otherwise remain plugged in until the end of Step 3.
  • Do not program the same command twice with the same remote. Should you unintentionally program the same command twice the TV-Silencer will not work and you will need to reprogram the TV-Silencer. See Helpful Hints for instructions.

Step 2a: Programming a 2nd remote (optional)

  • Wait 30 seconds after programming your initial device and then repeat STEP 2 with the remote from the 2nd device (ie: Pause button on a VCR or DVD player).
  • After programming the second remote and pointing the TV-Silencer at your devices, the TV-Silencer will now mute and un-mute your TV, pause and start your VCR or DVD player when the red LED flashes.

STEP 3: Positioning the TV-Silencer (illustration 3) (9 volt battery still installed)

  • Locate the closest wall telephone jack. There is often a telephone jack in every room and you may or may not already have a telephone plugged into it.
  • Location of the TV-Silencer is important for proper functioning. The TV-Silencer's IR Transmitter must be positioned so that it has a direct path to the device it is programmed to mute. Test a good location with your TV remote.  The best location is where the TV continues to mute and un-mute.
  • A good place for the TV-Silencer might be a wall, shelf or TV stand where the TV-Silencer has a direct line of sight to the TV, stereo, VCR or DVD player. If the TV is on a table or shelf, you can try mounting the TV-Silencer upside down on top of the TV with the IR Transmitter hanging over the edge. Once you have chosen your location verify that your telephone cord will reach the TV-Silencer and telephone jack.
  • The TV-Silencer's infrared beam will bounce off mirrors and windows, providing more location choices.
  • Now, unplug the 9 volt battery and adapter.

STEP 4: Connecting the TV-Silencer to the telephone (illustration 4)

  • If there is a telephone plugged into the telephone jack you will be using, unplug the telephone cord now from the telephone jack.
  • Plug your telephone cord and the telephone cord provided into either port on the splitter.
  • Plug the splitter into the telephone jack.
  • Mount the TV-Silencer with the double-sided tape and connect the TV-Silencer to the splitter with the telephone cord provided.

STEP 5: Testing the TV-Silencer

  • From a separate telephone line, call the telephone that is attached to the TV-Silencer or have someone call you. After two or three rings, the red LED on the TV-Silencer will flash and the TV will mute. If it flashes, but does not mute the TV, make sure nothing is blocking the TV-Silencer's view of the TV. Try the TV-Silencer again in a new position, possibly closer to the TV. If it does not flash make sure that your telephone jack is working by testing it with your telephone.
  • Use the Volume Up/Down or Mute key on your remote to un-mute your TV or stereo after you finish your telephone call.
  • After a call the TV-Silencer takes about one minute to reset. Therefore, it may require that much time between calls before it will work for the next call.

Helpful Hints

  • If your TV-Silencer will not program, replace the batteries in your remote control and try again.
  • The TV-Silencer remains programmed until it is reprogrammed by the user.
  • The TV-Silencer can be reprogrammed at any time by connecting it to the battery and following the programming instructions. The battery is only used for programming. Should you make a mistake while programming the TV-Silencer, reset the unit by removing the battery for 3 minutes minimum. Then reinstall the battery and the LED should light. If the LED does not light (some units take longer to reset) remove the battery for 10 minutes. Reinstall the battery, the LED will light and you can start programming again.
  • The TV-Silencer's intended use is to mute a TV when the telephone rings. In principle, the TV-Silencer can make any device that has a remote control do anything its remote control can do.
  • The TV-Silencer uses an infrared beam like the TV's remote control and is not harmful in any way.
  • You can use the supplied battery for other purposes after it has been used to program the TV-Silencer. However, do not use it for your smoke detector.
  • If you have DSL service, you need a DSL filter just like you would with a telephone. The telephone and TV-Silencer plug into the splitter, the splitter plugs into the DSL filter and the DSL filter into the phone jack.



This product is warranted for one year from date of purchase.

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