1. Will the TV-Silencer work with a cell phone?
    No, the TV-Silencer is powered by the electric pulse that comes from the phone ring.
  2. What are the measurements of the TV-Silencer?
    The TV-Silencer measures 2.5 inches x 1.25 inches x 1.9 inches
  3. Will the TV-Silencer work with DSL?
    Yes, you will require a filter for the TV-Silencer as you would for an ordinary telephone.
  4. I connect the battery and the light does not come on.
    Try a new battery and make sure the adapter is plugged firmly into the jack – until it clicks
  5. The light flashes, but TV sound does not go off.
    Make sure that the TV remote control itself works (it may need new batteries). Unplug the TV-Silencer battery, wait 3 MINUTES and plug it back in and reprogram the unit. Keep the remote within 1" of the Silencer and hold the mute button for 3 seconds. Also, make sure that the “mute” button on the TV's remote control actually mutes the TV. If it doesn't try something else like “channel up/down”. This is sometimes a problem if a universal remote is being used.
  6. The mute button pressed but light on TV-Silencer does not flash 5 times
    Make sure that the emitter (clear plastic bulb) on the end of the remote lines up with the round hole on the side of the TV-Silencer If the end of the remote is covered in a dark plastic window, move the remote to the left and the right while pressing the “mute” button, because the emitter might not be in the middle. Also, make sure that the TV remote control itself works (it may need new batteries).
  7. The telephone rings, but light on TV-Silencer does not flash.
    Check the telephone connection and that the plugs are pushed firmly in the jack at both ends until they click. Make sure the jack really works (plug a telephone into it and listen for dial tone)
  8. The telephone rings, light on the TV-Silencer flashes, but TV sound does not go off.
    Make sure that nothing is blocking TV-Silencer's view of the TV. Turn the TV towards the TV-Silencer. Try again from step 2, this time placing the TV-Silencer closer to the TV.
  9. I want to program two devices, like the TV and a DVD player.
    While the light is flashing after the first device is programmed, bring the second remote close to the TV-Silencer and press the button you wish to program. Make sure that the light flashes 5 times quickly and then you will notice that the light is flashing faster than before. The TV Silencer is now sending both codes alternately. The TV and the DVD player have to be close so that a spot on the wall can be found where both can receive the signal from the TV-Silencer.

    When the phone rings the TV will be muted first and then a couple of seconds later, the DVD player will be paused

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